Reducing environmental impact through charity

■ Tokyo Marathon will aim to offset CO2 emissions from event operations according to the research data on CO2 emissions from the previous year's event.
■ The offset effort will coordinate with Green Tokyo Fundraising through commitments such as tree planting at the “Sea Forest". Tree planting costs will be covered by charity.
*The aim of "Green Tokyo Fundraising" is to revitalize Tokyo to the green city it once was, and it is a fundraising body that is endorsed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
>>See the website for more details
■ As official merchandise for the Green Project, “wristbands" will be sold at the Tokyo Marathon EXPO, with the profits going to charity.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness made possible by Tokyo Marathon

■ Mr. Toshihiko Seko, appointed as the Environment Ambassador, will aggressively promote the Green Project.
*The Environment Ambassador will cooperate in many aspects of the Green Project such as with calling out for private citizen support and in various other activities. ■ Runners who support the Green Project will be able to show their support as "Green Runners" by running the Tokyo Marathon while wearing "green shoelaces".
■ Environmental awareness will be raised through the creation of the official Green Project logo and exposure through various media.

Event Operations

Event operations that work to control CO2 emissions

■ Will work to reduce CO2 emissions based on CO2 emissions surveyed and measured in the previous year's event.
■ Jackets and caps to be worn by event officials and volunteers will be made of 100% recycled polyester materials.
■ Vehicles used will place the environment first with vehicles such as zero emission Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles (FCHV), Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHV) which can be charged using household electricity, and hybrid buses.
■ Thinned wood will be used for water station paper cups, etc.

Research Report

Considerations for future events

■ As with the previous year's event, CO2 emissions for event operations will be surveyed and measured,and CO2 emissions reduction situation will be made clear through quantitatively understanding and verifying CO2 emissions.
*In the previous year's event, emissions by event organizers for such aspects as “event operations" and “security" totaled approximately 2,450 tons, which amounts to 75kg of CO2 emissions for each participating runner.
■ Results of charity and Green Project activities for this year's event will be reported through media such as the Tokyo Marathon website.