Race Name Tokyo Marathon 2011
doubles as The 95th National Men's Marathon Championship, doubles as Japanese Men's National Team Selection Race for The 13th IAAF World Championships in Athletics
Organizers Tokyo Marathon Foundation
Co-organizers JAAF (Japan Association of Athletics Federations), Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Fuji Television Network, Inc., Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd., Yomiuri Shimbun Co., Ltd. , Nippon Television Network Co., Tokyo Shimbun.
Supporting Organizations Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Japan, Metropolitan Tokyo Mayor's Council, Japan Sports Association, Japanese Olympic Committee, Japan Sports Association for the Disabled, Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives), The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tokyo Medical Association, Tokyo Nursing Association, Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, Tokyo Federation of Neighborhood Associations, Tokyo Federation of Shopping Center Promotion Associations, Tokyo Federation of Shopping Center, Tokyo Sports Association, Tokyo Sports Coaching Council, Sankei Sports, Yukan Fuji, Sankei Living Shimbun Inc., Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc., Fuji Sankei Business i., SANKEI EXPRESS, Fusosha, The Hochi Shimbun, Radio Nippon Co. LTD., Tokyo Chunichi Sports.
Managing Organization Tokyo Amateur Athletic Association
Operation support Tokyo Sports Association for the Disabled
Presenting Sponsor Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.
Events 1) Marathon
2) 10km Race
Date & Time Sunday, February 27, 2011
9:05 a.m. (Wheelchair Start)
9:10 a.m. (Elite and Mass Race Start)
10:50 a.m.10㎞Finish
16:10 p.m. Marathon Finish
Broadcaster Nippon Television Network Co.
Course Marathon: Marathon: Tokyo Metropolitan Government building -- Iidabashi -- Imperial Palace -- Hibiya -- Shinagawa -- Ginza -- Nihombashi -- Asakusa Kaminari-mon -- Tsukiji -- Toyosu -- Tokyo Big Sight
10km Race:Tokyo Metropolitan Government building-- Iidabashi -- Imperial Palace -- Hibiya Park
Competition Rules The races are conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the IAAF and Race Organizer.
Time Limit

Marathon : 7 hours
10km Race: 1 hour 40 minutes
(i) The enforced time limits are based on the gun time (not a chip time).
(ii) The cut-off time will be enforced at each checkpoint due to limited duration of traffic control, security operation and event operation. The runners, who fail to pass through the checkpoint before the cut-off time, will be disqualified from the race. Furthermore, trailing runners who lag excessively behind the cut-off time pace may be asked to leave the course at anytime.

Scheduled race cut-off times from last year are shown below. This year's cut-off time is TBD. 

CheckpointLocationDistance from the start Marathon Cut-off TimeWheelchair Cut-off Time
5kmFront of Iidabashi Central Plaza 5.6km 10:30-
10kmUchisaiwaicho intersection 10.5km 11:04-
15kmShinagawa turnaround point (Takanawa 3-23) 15.4km 11:489:53
20kmUchisaiwaicho intersection 20.4km 12:33-
25kmHisamatsucho intersection 25.0km 13:16-
30kmAsakusabashi Intersection 30.0km 14:0010:38
35kmMannenbashi West Intersection 34.6km 14:42-
38kmFront of Toyosu station 38.3km 15:31-
FinishTokyo Big Sight42.195km16:10-
Maximum number of entrants Marathon : 32,000 runners
10km Race 3,000 runners
Qualification 1) Marathon: Must be at least 19 years of age on the race day
1-1) Mass participants: Runners, both men and women (including handicapped, domestic and international runners recommended by the race organizer), capable of completing the race under 6 hours and 40 minutes.
- Athletes registered with the JAAF.
- Athletes not registered with the JAAF.
1-2) Elite Runners:
- Runners, both men and women, satisfy the special requirements set by JAAF.
- Invited runners: domestic and international runners recommended by the JAAF.
1-3) Wheelchair: Total of twenty-five athletes, including both men and women, capable of completing the race within 2 hours 10 minutes riding the racing wheelchair.

2) 10km Race: Must be at least 16 years of age on the race day.
2-1) Mass Race: Runners (both men and women) capable of finishing the race within one hour and thirty minutes.
2-2) Special Race:
1) Wheelchair: Twenty-five athletes (both men and women) capable of finishing the race within 50 minutes on the racing wheelchair.
2) Fifty pairs of male and female visually impaired runners with companions who are capable of finishing the race within 1 hour 30 minutes.(However, guide-dog is not allowed on the course)
3) One hundred male and female intellectually challenged runners who are capable of finishing the race within 1 hour 30 minutes.
4) Fifty male and female transplant runners who are capable of finishing the race within 1 hour 30 minutes.
(Only organ or bone marrow transplant runners will be classified as runners. )
Note : Please have an escort runner who will be unable to run by him/her selves.
Prize Money For the marathon race, prize money (amount TBD on the later date) based on the results will be awarded.
Entry Fee Marathon : Entry Via English website 12000 Yen (Via Japanese Website 10000 Yen)
10km Race : Entry Via English website 6000 Yen (Via Japanese Website 5000 Yen)
Application policies (1) Please apply through the Tokyo Marathon website.
(2) The application is open from August 1 (Sunday) to August 31 (Tuesday), 2010.
(3) In case of oversubscription, applicants will be selected by a random lottery drawing. The result of the lottery will be notified by mid-October. Depending on the circumstances additional lottery may be held to select additional entries.
(4) Runners selected by lottery must deposit the race entry fee to the designated account before the deadline. Failure to do so will result in cancelation of entry. Please note that bank transaction fee is a responsibility of the entrant.
Awards (1) Marathon:
[i] Awards will be presented to top eight finishers for both men and women.
[ii] Aside from overall top eight finishers (covered in category [i]), awards will be presented to top three finishers in each age group (ages in five-years interval are grouped together) for both men and women. Finisher’s certificate will be mailed on the later date.
[iii] Awards will be presented to top eight wheelchair finishers for both men and women

(2) 10Km:
[i] Awards will be presented to top eight finishers for both men and women
[ii] Awards will be presented to top eight wheelchair finishers for both men and women
[iii]Awards will be presented to top eight visually impaired finishers for both men and women
[iv]Awards will be presented to top eight intellectually challenged finishers for both men and women
[v] Awards will be presented to top eight “transplant” finishers for both men and women
Runners' check-in (Bib Number Pick Up)
(1) Three days from February 24 (Thursday) to 26 (Saturday), 2011.
(2) At Tokyo Big Sight West Exhibition Hall
(3) Time 11:00 ~ 20:30
[i] Check-in desk is closed on the race day (February 27 (Sunday)).
[ii] Check-in desk is closed outside the designated hours as shown above.
[iii] ID will be checked at the race check-in (race check-in by a representative are not permitted).
[iv] The race check-in cannot be processed without a valid ID.
[v] Check-in procedure for wheelchair athletes will be announced on the later date.
On protection of confidential information The local organizer recognizes the individual's right to privacy and will take all appropriate steps to keep individual's information confidential. The information provided in the application form will only be used to provide better service, such as providing guide and instructions to participants or reporting records and other information to the runners. Information may also be used by race sponsors and other organizations supporting the event to provide various services to the runners.
Furthermore, race organizer or sponsoring organization may contact the runners if they saw a need to confirm information provided by the race entrants.
Miscellaneous (1) If the event is cancelled due to the reason beyond the control of the race organizer, the race entry fee will not be refunded.
(2) If you are registered with JAAF, please obtain correct registration information for the application form. We will verify the information. The runners registered with the JAAF entitled to line up immediately behind the elite runners.
(3) We kindly ask the runners to prepare well for the race. Specifically, runners are expected to train sufficiently for the event and have a physical checkup before participating in the event.
(4) The race organizer will transport the runners' bags from the start area to the finish area. Please note that due to traffic conditions, bags may be delayed.
(5) The race organizer cannot be held responsible for runners missing the start time, if the delay was caused by traffic congestions or delay in public transportation.
(6) The runners are forbidden from displaying product names, company logo or trademarks for the purpose of advertisement in the event area (e.g., start and finish area as well as on the course).
(7) The race organizer may permit commission sale of products such as photographs.
(8) For matters not covered above, please follow the instructions from the marathon office staff.
(9) Receipt for race entry fee will not be issued by the race organizer:
When paying by a credit card:
Please refer to itemized list of purchases or receipt issued by the Credit Card Company.
When paying through postal transfer or at a convenience store:
Please refer to the document issued by post office or convenience store.
(10) This form is for the Tokyo Marathon 2011.
Please note the following precautions when applying for race entry
(please read carefully)
(1) Please be aware that multiple applications for race entry will result in disqualification.
(2) Entering both marathon and 10km is strictly forbidden. Individual must choose one race. If double entry is identified by the organizer, the runner will be disqualified, and application fee will not be refunded.
(3) Falsifying age or gender as well as illegal participation (participation by other than the registered runner) is strictly forbidden. Not only the entry will be cancelled, but future participation may be in jeopardy.
(4) Modification of entry information in the application form or cancellation of entry after submitting application will not be allowed. If the organizer identifies problems with entry data, the marathon office will contact the runner via either an e-mail or telephone.
(5) Please be aware that entry center or marathon office will not be able to answer questions regarding status of an entry, result of a lottery etc.
(6) The lottery result will be notified to all applicants via e-mail around mid-October. Please be aware that we will not verify correct delivery of e-mail, and thus not responsible for undelivered e-mails.
(7) Transfer of bib number to other runner or allowing a substitute runner is strictly forbidden.

The organizer will not be responsible for delay in the application process due to any network connection problem during the application process.

(9) Certain PC, OS or Internet browser may cause problem in application process through internet.
Agreements in regard to application procedure for Tokyo Marathon
(Before filing the application form, be sure to read and understand the list of agreements below.)

In case of accidents, illness or loss of personal property, liability of the organizer is limited to emergency treatment.

(2) After submitting an application, cancellation or switching event due to personal reason is forbidden.
(3) Illegal participation (participation by other than the registered runner) as well as falsifying age or gender is strictly forbidden. It will result in cancellation of entry.
(4) Entry fee will not be refunded if the race was cancelled due to natural disaster such as earthquake, storm, snow, or accidents or other incidents beyond the control of race organizer.
(5) In case of overpayment or double payment, overpaid amount will not be refunded.
(6) Copyright of images, photographs and articles covering the event appearing in TV, newspapers, magazines and internet belongs to the race organizer. Aforementioned copyright includes but not limited to names and other personal information such as age and address (country, prefecture and city only) of entrants mentioned in the article covering the event.
(7) The event organizer will assures the confidentiality of information provided by the race entrants and will take every precautionary measure to protect runners' information from identity theft.
(8) The event will comply with all domestic laws and regulations

In addition to aforementioned agreements, the event will adhere to all race regulations.