Request for Donations and Charity Runners

The Tokyo Marathon, held each year under the slogan “The day we unite” has grown immensely, connecting the hearts of not only the runners, but also a great many volunteers and supporters. With the goal of bringing even more people together, the 5th Tokyo Marathon to be held in 2011 will involve a charity with the theme "TSUNAGU".

In particular, willing donators (individuals only) of 100 thousand yen or more will be invited to enter as charity runners in the Tokyo Marathon 2011 to be held on February 27, 2011 (full marathon only, up to 1,000 entries), to attract awareness towards this charity event.

Donations from the charity runners will be fully used under the shared theme “TSUNAGU” to support charity programs of various types. We hope to see a good turnout at the Tokyo Marathon Charity, “TSUNAGU” heart to heart, while collecting thoughts (donations) from each individual as well as their friends and neighbors.

Tokyo Marathon 2011 Charity“TSUNAGU”Proposed Charities

1) Connecting Family

☆The gift of courage and a smile, to a child suffering from an incurable disease and that child's family.☆
Tokyo has a large number of specialist medical facilities, and in these facilities there are many children from all across Japan, who are battling serious illnesses. The long fights against diseases would be unbearable for these children without the support of their families, and a mother’s smile is the best medicine. However, accompanying family members cannot stay with the child in the hospital for any length of time, resulting in considerable financial, physical and psychological stress. Through this charity, we aim to increase and improve the quality of family housing, where such a family can stay in peace of mind and sometimes even spend nights together when the sick child has permission from the hospital.

Another one of our projects is to offer support to “Kids’ Camps,” where children with incurable diseases enjoy the outdoors, safely and securely. This camp offers programs for children with illnesses to experience nature in a special environment equipped with medical facilities. Children and their families can forget about the disease while they’re there spending quality time laughing, having fun, making friends – finding hope and the strength to live.

(examples of proposed charity)
-Construction of new and expansion of existing family housing.
-Facilitation and implementation of “Kids’ Camps”.
*These activities will be made possible with the cooperation of Specified NPO Family House and Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Solaputi Kids’ Camp.

2) Connecting to the Future

☆Restoration of our source of water – forests and villages!☆
We need water to run a marathon. We also need water to live. What is happening at the source of our water however, is neglect of the forests by shrinking lumber companies, empty villages and the aging population – and it is getting worse. Fields and mountains in ruins after the abandonment of farms and settlements have become home to wild birds and animals. Man-made damage is on the rise. Our aim is to create an environment where people can live peacefully and in good heath in the mountains where forests need proper care. We will begin by working on mountain and forest maintenance, making a connection to the children of the future so that they have clean, good water.

(examples of proposed charity)
-Building deer fences; maintaining mountain roads.
-Removing undergrowth; periodic thinning; planting trees and flowers.
*These activities will be made possible with the cooperation of Yamanashi Prefecture Land Afforestation Promotion Organization

3) Connecting Life

☆Bringing light to refugee camps!☆
People running from their war torn countries or from other political issues live in refugee camps so that they can keep on living. Life there is not happy by any exaggeration. 72 refugee camps in Africa don’t have electricity. At sunset, incidents of crime, vandalism and rape begin to rise, threatening women and children with great danger. Our aim is to use leading edge technologies to improve living conditions at such refugee camps, to bring light into their hearts and their future.

(example of proposed charity)
-Facilitation of solar powered streetlights at refugee camps with no electricity.
*This activity will be made possible with the cooperation of the Japan Association for UNHCR (NPO)

4) Connecting Dreams

☆Introducing the World to Athletes with Disabilities☆
Sports is a “dream” that can give us courage and inspiration. This is the same for those with a physical or mental disability. For more Japanese athletes with disabilities to be active in the world provides this dream, not only to themselves, but also to the families who support them and to other non-athletes who have disabilities. Our aim is to send as many athletes as possible to the Paralympic and Special Olympic Games.

(examples of proposed charity)
-Cash awards for Japanese Paralympic medalists.
-Other support to athletes with disabilities.
*These activities will be made possible with the cooperation of Japan Sports Association for the Disabled (JSAD) and Special Olympics Nippon (NPO).

*The above-mentioned activities are examples of possibilities within present plans. Due to variations in donation figures, degeneration of state of affairs, sudden disasters or other reasons beyond our control, the Foundation reserves the right to transfer part of the total funds to another charity.

*Updates and other charity details will be posted on the Tokyo Marathon Official Website in the near future.