(Planned Activities)

Traffic safety awareness programs
Safety education and instruction for
riders of bicycles and
other two-wheeled vehicles
Publicity campaigns by Tokyo Boys'
Traffic Regiment for traffic safety awareness

Safe living is something that we often take for granted, but there are many dangers hidden in our daily activity sphere. A variety of safety precautions are recommended to ensure safe and secure environments. In particular, programs designed to elevate traffic safety awareness and preparedness for disasters and other emergency situations are of prime importance. A number of programs and demonstrations are available to curb the rate of traffic accidents, which remains at a high level, including traffic safety education for children and the elderly, community activities by Boys' Traffic Regiments, safe riding programs for bicycles and other two-wheeled vehicles, and pamphlets calling for the prevention of traffic accidents. These specific undertakings all contribute to the creation of a society underscored by safe and secure traffic systems.
*The activities will be carried out in cooperation with the Tokyo Traffic Safety Association, an incorporated foundation.

(Planned activity)

Familiarization with and greater
availability of first aid and
emergency life-saving procedures

The provision of initial care for a sudden illness or injury administered before the arrival of paramedics or other medical professionals may be extremely vital to saving a life. In today's society, requiring greater self-reliance and mutual assistance, it is extremely crucial to equip each individual with an ability to provide first aid with confidence – the abilities especially crucial in the event of an earthquake or other disasters. We are offering seminars to familiarize people with first-aid and life-saving skills in an effort to build a society where people can live with peace of mind and confidence.
*This activity will be carried out in cooperation with the Tokyo Disaster Prevention & Emergency Medical Service Association, a public interest incorporated foundation.