■ Charity Information
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The Tokyo Marathon has grown to the present size by weaving the hearts of the runners, the volunteers and the spectators cheering for the runners into one. For the Tokyo Marathon 2011, we instituted a companion charity program “Tsunagu” in an attempt to reach out to a greater number of people by our socially committed action and to establish greater solidarity (A total of \73,253,580 was raised in 2011). In 2012, the same program will see some enhancements, including 3,000 runner slots reserved for individual charity givers who make donations of \100,000 or more and wish to participate in the marathon (Corporate donors are not eligible for these slots. Slots are for the full marathon only and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis). The charity runners will be asked to publicize the charity program simply by running the marathon. The proceeds will be used to fund select charitable causes, which in our opinion will benefit from our “Tsunagu” action. We are hoping to see a great number of people participating in the Tokyo Marathon charity program, and we are looking forward to your support (in the form of goodwill and monetary gifts) and active involvement in the Tokyo Marathon charity program, which will hopefully trigger a “Tsunagu” chain of goodwill and additional donations within your circle of friends and beyond.

Five specific areas of focus — family, future, life, dream and safety– have been selected as areas that benefit from our “Tsunagu” action, and for each area, two charities have been selected by the organizer as the recipient organizations of the fund raised. A charity runner can earmark his or her donation for a specific activity of the recipient organization of his or her choice.

*The details of the charity program outlined above are based on the currently available information. The Foundation reserves the right to allocate a portion of the donations to benefit other causes by taking into account the size of donations gathered, changes in social conditions, and the occurrence of a disaster, or other unforeseen factors.
*Up-to-date information about the charity program will be announced on the official website of the Tokyo Marathon.

The charity program of the Tokyo Marathon 2012 is
operated under the sponsorship by Xebio Co., Ltd.