Run for a Good Cause:
   Examples of Charity-linked Marathons Outside Japan
Many major marathons around the world, including London, Chicago, Boston and New York, host extensive charity programs for the benefit of society. In fact, fund-raising for charities has become a major objective of staging a marathon.

In London, for instance, charity runners account for 3/4 of the 35,000-strong marathon participants.

Although fund-raising activities vary from one country to another, depending on tax statutes and people’s approach to charity giving, all charity runners not only donate out of their own pocket but conduct fund-raising of their own by asking for donations from friends and colleagues. For the charity runners, the fact that they represent the goodwill of their friends and colleagues in the race makes the running experience more meaningful

Marathon organizers have been very successful in raising funds for good causes (to the tune of a few hundred million yen per race), thanks to the charity runners who typically donate over 200,000 yen per person. Global trends demonstrate that the philanthropic aspect is assuming greater importance in a marathon that offers participants a chance to run not just for their own enjoyment but also for worthwhile social causes.