The charity runners will represent all gift givers for the duration of the Tokyo Marathon, carrying and spreading the message of goodwill embedded in every donation along with the objectives of the charity program while running. They will play the role of helping people develop a deeper understanding of the charity program and urging people to stand up for a good cause.

For this reason, the number cards worn by the charity runners will be a different color from the general participants for easier spotting. The charity runners will also be asked to wear the specially designed, specially colored charity runner T-shirts distributed to the charity runners only. The back of the charity T-shirt is intentionally left blank, so that the runner can express, in their own words, their thoughts about running for a good cause, or any other message they wish to communicate to other runners and spectators on the sidewalk and in front of TV, to create a strong impression about the charity runners and the charity activities they are involved in.