The charity runners will represent all gift givers for the duration of the Tokyo Marathon, carrying and spreading the message of goodwill embedded in every donation along with the objectives of the charity program while running. They will play the role of helping people develop a deeper understanding of the charity program and urging people to stand up for a good cause.

For this reason, the charity runners will be asked to wear the specially designed, specially colored charity runner T-shirts distributed to the charity runners only. The back of the charity T-shirt is intentionally left blank, so that the runner can express, in their own words, their thoughts about running for a good cause, or any other message they wish to communicate to other runners and spectators on the sidewalk and in front of TV, to create a strong impression about the charity runners and the charity activities they are involved in.


Some comments from Charity Runners applicants


[Gifu / Age: 65, Male]
I am a cancer survivor. I hope that by running as a cancer survivor and doing my best, even a little, will encourage children with serious diseases and the people supporting them.

[Tokyo / Age: 81, Male]
In the Tokyo Marathon 2011, I was able to reach my goal, inspired by the concepts of Family and Life, and encouraged by the suffering children. Now, for the Tokyo Marathon 2012, by making my tiny donation, like a widow's mite, I plan to again cross the finish line as a runner in my 80s with the other runners who empathize with those who have been adversely affected by the earthquake, children with serious diseases, and refugee children.


[Kanagawa / Age: 49, Male]
I hope that my hometown, Fukushima, will be freed from the fear of radiation as soon as possible. I hope that the Iwaki Port will regain its bustling activity. I hope that our children inherit a lush natural environment in the future. I hope that disaster-stricken areas will be rebuilt and that a bright future will open up for our children. I will run keeping these hopes in my mind.

[Tokyo / Age: 52, Male]
The deteriorating environment is threatening potential development possibilities for the future of humanity. I would like to make some contribution to people to convey to future generations what we have received and benefited from for our further development.


[Kanagawa / Age: 23, Male]
This year I had to reconsider the importance of life and energy. In developing countries, there are people who can't use this energy and therefore lose their lives. Since I am studying environmental problems and the creation of a low-energy society, I also want to help solve these problems by running for "TSUNAGU" for people's lives all over the world.

[Tokyo / Age: 30, Male]
I hope that people in developing countries can live joyously, just as I run with joy. To turn running and living into pleasure, I will enjoy running to my goal!


[Tokyo / Age: 44, Male]
Having seen the Great East Japan Earthquake we've been suffering from now, I reaffirm the precious value of healthy living and the sense of unity that sports provides. Because continuing sports activities isn't easy, even for healthy people, I am so moved when I see athletes with disabilities continue to work every day to compete in the Paralympics that I can't express the feeling in words. If my small donation can support their activities, I would be very happy.

[Miyagi / Age: 42, Male]
When I see disabled people competing to the best of their abilities in the Paralympics without complaining, I am so encouraged. I definitely want to support their efforts through my donation.


[Tokyo / Age: 37, Male]
Before the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster, I had never felt just how important life was. I hope I can do something to help save lives by learning how to provide urgent care in my daily life. I want to help spread these activities, so I applied to be a charity runner instead of a regular entry.

[Tokyo / Age: 44, Female]
I would like to support future programs to help improve medical treatment for the aging population and for emergency care.