Applying for entry (general)

Q:How old must I be to participate?

A:You must have turned 19 years old by the race day for full marathon, or be between 16 and 18 years old for the 10km race.

Q:I live in Japan and am wondering if I can apply through the English entry website?

A:Foreign residents that do not speak Japanese may do so, but if you are able to speak Japanese, please apply through the Japanese website.
Please be aware that people who apply through the English website are considered overseas entries and are required to pay the overseas entry participation fee (marathon: 12,000 yen, 10km: 6,000 yen).

Q:I am a Japanese citizen living abroad. Can I apply through the English website?

A:Anyone living overseas may do so.
We might request you to present your ID to prove that you live overseas at the registration desk.

Q:I am stationed in Japan with the US Navy, what should I choose as my country for an address?

A:Please select Japan.

Q: If I do not belong to a marathon association, do I have to fill in anything for affiliation?


Q:This is my first marathon, so I do not have a best time or predicted finish time.

A:Only those who have participated in the past should fill in a best time. Otherwise,
please leave the “best time” box blank. Please fill in your predicted time based on your running ability.
If you do not fill in a time, we will fill in the time needed to qualify for participation (6 hours 40 minutes).

Q: There is no mention of participants with disabilities for the marathon.

A:There is no distinction made for disabled participants,
but entry is allowed. Any disabled participant who wishes to run the marathon but will have difficulty running alone should indicate that they will need a guide runner.

Q:How do I request for a guide runner?

A:Guide runners are only allowed for marathon participants who are disabled and cannot complete the course on their own.
You can request for a guide runner when you send in your entry. Disabled runners whose entries have been accepted will be contacted separately in regards to the request for a guide runner.

Q: I'd like to enter in the wheelchair category. How should the athletes registered with a sports organization for the disabled apply?

A:There is no distinction made for the athletes registered with a sports organization for the disabled.
Those wishing to participate in the wheelchair category should apply like other participants for the marathon (general) or 10km race. We do request, however, the people who are usually not confined to wheelchairs to refrain from entering as a wheelchair participant.

Q:Can I switch from the 10km to the full marathon, and vice versa, after I have entered?

A:No changes can be made after you have submitted your entry.

Q:If I am unable to participate on the day of the marathon, may I have someone run in my place?

A:Substitute runners are not allowed. Anyone running under a false name will be disqualified.

Q:How many people have applied?

A:The total number of applicants will be announced on the website after the deadline for application.

Q:What happens if you receive more entries than are allowed?

A:Participants will be chosen through a lottery if we receive more entries than are allowed.
In such case, we will make an announcement on the website.

Q:If you do conduct a lottery, when will we be informed of the results?

A:We will inform all applicants of the results of the lottery in late September.
Notification will be sent to the e-mail address you entered with your application.
The notification will only be sent once, so please enter an e-mail address that you will be using for at least the rest of the year. Please be advised that we do not accept inquiries regarding lottery results by phone.

Q:If my entry is accepted, by when and how should I pay the participation fee?

A:Please pay the participation fee using a credit card. If we cannot confirm your payment by the deadline,
your entry will be cancelled.

Q:Will last year's lottery results have any impact on this year's lottery results?


Q:I worked as a volunteer last year. Will my application be given priority?


Q:When will you start looking for volunteers?

A:We will make an announcement on the website when details regarding volunteers are confirmed.

Q:How have you been dealing with the personal information of applicants for previous events?

A:Tokyo Marathon Foundation acknowledges the importance of privacy in respect to your personal information.
We are committed to managing your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, as well as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and any relevant laws.
In order for you to take full advantages of our services, we use your personal information for the Runner Handbook, finisher certificate, notification of relevant information, provision of services from our sponsors and partners, and/or results publication (ranking, etc.).
Your personal information might also be used by us or other entrusted third parties for contacting you to confirm the contents of your application.

Applying Online

Q:Can multiple applicants use the same e-mail address?

A:Yes. However, multiple applications by the same person will be rendered invalid.

Q:Can we apply using our mobile phones?

A:There is no English mobile website, but entries can be made through the Japanese mobile website.
Those who wish to enter through an English website must do so using the PC website.

Q: I have not received the "Tokyo Marathon Entry URL Notification". What should I do?

A:We have sent "Tokyo Marathon Entry URL Notification" to the e-mail address you entered.
  If you have not received this notification, it means that your entry has not been completed.
  In this case, please confirm the following:
1) Did you enter all the information through to the entry completion page?
2) Did you enter your e-mail address correctly?
3) Have you checked your Trash folder or any other folders within your e-mail software?
4) Are you using a free e-mail account?
5) Are you using e-mail software that treats unregistered e-mail contacts as spam?
6) Do the current e-mail settings of your work/school e-mail account restrict incoming messages (filtering function)?
7) Have you checked your security software settings?
8) What are the spam settings of your e-mail provider?

  • *Your usage environment, e-mail settings, and provider environment may be the problem.

Q:Is there any way to confirm that I have completed my entry correctly?

A:After you have submitted your entry, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Q:Why is the participation fee for Japanese participants different?

A:The participation fee for overseas entries is higher due to costs incurred by translation and overseas postage.

Q:When can I apply for accommodations?

A:We will send the information about accommodations along with the results of the lottery.

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  • Calorie Mate
  • McDonald・スfs Company (Japan), Ltd
  • Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
  • Seven-Eleven Japan Co.,Ltd
  • Photocreate Co.,Ltd.
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  • Shimizu Octo,Inc.
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